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Modena is a city of Emilia Romagna, located 60 km from Verona and 40 km from Bologna. The city is known for the local production of balsamic vinegar, the opera, and the production of sports cars such as Ferrari, Maserati, Bugatti and De Tomaso.
In the 18th century Palazzo dei Musei one can visit the Gallerie Estense, with artworks by Tintoretto and Correggio, as well as a sculpted Bernini bust.
The city is a unique opportunity for car aficionados to admire the incredible vehicles by the “prancing horse” maker, but also to contemplate incredible works of art – all while enjoying one of the highest praised regional cuisines in Italy.


Founded by the Etruscan people, Modena developed during the Roman age, but it truly flourished under the guidance of the Estense family; it gained a prevailing position in politics at the time, achieving splendor thanks to the construction of several baroque churches, the Galleria Estense art gallery and museum, and the imposing Palazzo Ducale, now prestigious home to the Military Academy.

Ever since the Estence domain, Modena has established an extraordinary relationship with music, conservatories, musical institutions, theatres, events and the love for singing and opera; world-renowned opera singer and ambassador for this art, Luciano Pavarotti was an important figure in Modena and overseas.

Ferrari Museum

The Museo Enzo Ferrari is particularly interesting – the stunning building boasts a contemporary architectural design, according to a project by Future Systems of London: all about this museum conveys the passion for motors and technology typical of this area, alongside with the history of the great car-maker from Modena; it does so thanks to incredible exhibitions and themed shows.
In the futuristic pavilion of over 2500 square meters, along with the several cars on display, you can take part to a presentation that tells the magical, 90-year-long story of Enzo Ferrari, through captivating clips and footage: it’s the history of the man who made Ferrari into a household name, the best-known and most-loved stable in the world.

Visit the acetaia

Balsamic Vinegar is a traditional condiment of Emilia cuisine, known worldwide. Produced with boiled must from grapes grown exclusively in the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia, the vinegar is then fermented, acetified and aged for at least 12 years.
The Acetaia is the place where balsamic vinegar is made. Visiting one is a unique experience, a time travel among intense balsamic perfumes and prized barrels, to discover the original technique used to produce this “black gold” liquid; the visit ends with a tasting of 5 different types of vinegar and the best foods to pair with them.

The Galleria Estense

The Galleria Estense is a museum housing a unique gathering of artworks of different types, alongside collections of national relevance and priceless historic and cultural importance.
Established in 1854 by Francesco V d’Austria-Este, the gallery consists of four halls and 16 exhibition rooms dedicated to the artistic patrimony collected by the Este dukes.
Among the most famous artworks there are Cima da Conegliano’s “Piety”, Correggio’s “Madonna and Child”, the portrait of Francesco I d’Este by Velazquez, El Greco’s triptych, the marble bust of Francesco I d’Este by Bernini and the Crucifix by Guido Reni.


The cultivated area for local wines twists between the Southern hilly countryside of Modena to the alluvial plains of Central Emilia. The strips of land are different from each other and go from areas with sandy and gravelly soil, to softer, wetter soil along the main bodies of water (the rivers Reno, Panaro and Secchia), interspersed by clay-rich and fertile areas.

The Lambrusco variety is the best-known one, and makes for some of the most widespread wine made in the region, but other native vineyards are just as popular, and have provided wine to the citizens of Modena and Bologna for centuries, such as the Montuni, Trebbiano Romagnolo, Albana and Pignoletto wines.

Lambrusco di Sorbara

Known as “violet Lambrusco” due to its peculiar floral scent, the Lambrusco di Sorbara is made with a percentage of at least 60% of grapes with the same name, and 40% from Lambrusco Salamino grapes, at most. The color ranges from pink to clear ruby red, with a bright pink foam; the scent is intense and refined, while the mouthfeel is fresh and delicate, not too bold. If can be produced according to different varieties, such as red, rosé, dry, medium sweet and sweet.

Sparkling Reno Pignoletto

This wine has a soft and harmonious mouthfeel, due to the early harvest of its grapes, with the right levels of sweetness and acidity; it’s perfect to bring a sparkle and a smile to the table. A perfect balance in the pear-scented notes, it’s great when paired with antipasti, first courses, white-meat roasts, wine-seared scaloppini and fresh cheeses.

Colli Bolognesi Barbera riserve

The Barbera dei Colli Bolognesi is a scarlet wine with violet hues. With a fine scent, it’s characterized by a dry, full-bodied taste, harmonious and tannic to the right degree.
The aging process starts on the 1st of November of the year of production and lasts for three years. Only the Barbera Reserve variety is produced in the “Terre di Montebudello” zone.
To be paired with lamb, goat, duck and game meats.


The traditional cuisine of this territory is characterized by its richness and in the variety of ingredients and native produce used, along with the local wine-making production.
Ever since ancient times, noble families from Verona and the very members of the Scaligeri family had been known for the incredible dishes they had prepared during luxurious receptions and banquets, where they entertained their guests with abundant libations and exquisite food.

This tradition was handed down to local restaurateurs and chefs, who know how to blend tradition and innovation, putting in the first place quality, excellent ingredients and hospitality above everything else. Here are a few traditional dishes that you can’t miss out on.

Ricotta and spinach tortelloni

This in an ancient recipe, customary of the Modena area: the egg-based dough is worked by hand, and the filling is made with flour, eggs, ricotta cheese, spinach, nutmeg, white pepper, salt, sage and white wine. An unforgettable first course, unparalleled in taste and perfect when paired with a nice glass of Lambrusco di Sorbara.

Rabbit with balsamic vinegar

This is the perfect dish for a romantic dinner; a traditional recipe that features the ever-popular rabbit meat. A dish for refined palates, Seasoned to perfection, it’s a triumph of tastes and perfumes, where the balsamic vinegar truly brings out the taste of the meat. Unparalleled.

Amaretti di Modena

Amaretti di Modena are a traditional Modena biscuit, and they have kept their genuine and “home-baked” taste across the ages. These delicious almond-based confections are characterized by a captivating bittersweet taste and an inviting smell of almonds and sugar; they are cooked to a crisp on the outside but they are chewy and soft on the inside, for an explosion of taste.

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