Romantic Dinner in Venice. Luxury Car Hire with Driver Services

An enchanting evening in Venice with a romantic dinner in a charming downtown restaurant.
Participants will be picked up at 4.00pm for departure to Venice. Upon arrival a convenient private taxi boat will take you to the famous Lagoon of Venice that will welcome you to the magnificent setting of St Mark’s Square at sunset. You will have time to stroll about the famous square, sip an aperitif under the arches of the Old Procuratie and admire the majestic façade of St Mark’s Basilica, decorated with precious marble, brilliant mosaics and the gilded copper Four Horses, which were sent from Constantinople to the Doge Enrico Dandolo in 1204. Near the Basilica stands the bell tower, which was once a lighthouse for ships, which you can go up on to admire the grandeur of the square from above. On the other side of the square you will see Procuratie Nuove, the royal palace of Napoleon after the fall of the Venetian Republic. Adjacent is the Napoleonic Wing that Bonaparte wanted to use as the ballroom of his royal palace. And finally, the square is enriched by the clock tower that marks every hour thanks to the bell inside that is automatically hit by the two “Mori”, bronze sculptures built in 1497 by Ambrose Delle Ancore. You will have the pleasure of dining in a well-known restaurant where you can try traditional dishes from local towns and the Veneto region, revised for modern palates, with careful attention and dedication to the use of healthy products and the combination of flavors. The particular atmosphere, the attentive service and the quaint surroundings will make this a special and unforgettable moment.

Return at approximately midnight.

The program can be arranged to satisfy specific requests.
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